Use of solar cells

Solar cells- Demand is going up

Hello, Sara here. I am a student of electrical engineering and as per my course demand; I have done a lot of research on the use of solar cells, how they are used, what is the purpose behind their use and is their use is beneficial or not? To explain all these queries, I decided to make a blog and share my knowledge with the people around the globe, so that my knowledge would get spread to as many people as it can.

To convert the solar energy into electrical energy, we use solar cells. With the passage of time, the demand of solar cells is increasing as it has a lot of benefits which have caused the increase in their demand worldwide, especially in those countries, where summer season lasts longer. 

They can be mainly used in making electricity with less cost and one of the many advantages of solar cells is that they do not cause pollution in the environment, like that of nuclear and fossil fuel, and also its cost is less as compared to the two sources of electricity production mentioned above. This is the biggest reason why the demand of solar cells has been increased and also many countries are adopting the techniques of producing cheap electricity by using the solar energy with the help of solar cells.   

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